Feminism to me, as a girl, is just as hard for me to understand, as it is for the guys. The feminist label is a double-edged sword. If I call myself a feminist, I’m seen as an extremist who is always angry at the world, whereas if I don’t call myself a feminist, then people question, “what, you don’t believe in equality?” or “you don’t believe in women’s rights?” Based on the actual definition of feminism, I think that I am a feminist because I support women and their rights/fight for equality. Without the feminists before my time, I probably wouldn’t be here today, in college, getting an education, and bettering myself for an actual career in the world. Equality is something that I don’t think will be achieved in our lifetime, but I think it is something to continuously strive for. Inequality is taught and ingrained in our brains practically since birth, for we have always been taught through history that women were subjects for men, yet it really hasn’t changed from today. I think that through media and society today, the feminism movement has been lost a little bit. With the “stripper” example brought up in class, I do believe that strippers can be feminists, however their credibility can be lost/misinterpreted because the woman wants equality and to not be objectified, yet her sole job is to please the men and use her body as an object. This isn’t my belief just for strippers, it’s true for other women who sell their image as a sex symbol or who objectify themselves for men in any way, which is hard discern in this society and culture. And to be clear, I believe that the feminist movement should be for all women, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or class. I think the feminist movement has come a long way, and I am grateful for it, however I also believe that they have a long way to go. It’s not going to be easy to change a point of view that has been around practically since the dawn of time, but with persistence and an eye on the prize, then I believe it can be achieved and is long overdue.